“Recognition is a disease!”

Yes, we all agree on this point as we are seeing more and more companies trying each and everything to get recognized. And in this mad race of branding, they are leaving behind the most important aspect that needs to be recognized.

What is that?

“The answer is the customers who are the heart & soul of any business need to be recognized first.”


Yes, the research says that only less than 40% of customers are lost due to location, go out of the business or join the other allies. Wherever, more than 66% of the customer loss is done only because of the fact that- they feel like they are neglected by their suppliers.

Now, as we have come to know about the main reason of customer loss then the second reason that pop in the mind is:

What is the solution or way of reducing such a big chunk of customer loss?

Before answering this question, let’s have a look on what else is practiced for customer recognition at the workplace:

Spreadsheets are probably the most common tool used for recording the customer data types like their behaviors, likes, dislikes, age groups, fantasies which are ultimately used for developing products or designing services and eventually making them feel recognized.

But are they that worthy?

The answer is in negative and there are many reasons; they can be lost, become outdated in a short interval of time, hard to record, tough to fetch the information from big stack, tough to get automated trends, might fall in wrong hands so on and so forth.

Business cards are also important for collecting customer data for their recognition process but the purpose fails when they are laying on the desk only.


“Long story short, the value in customer database will only increase when they are populated by the participation of each and every employee which is literally not possible via spreadsheets or business cards. “

So without wasting any more time, let’s check how CRM solution is a one-stop destination for customer recognition:

#1. Best way of registering your customer’s KYC

“Leads will lead you to customer recognition and eventually results into- business!”

Lead Generation

Yes, you never know that which lead or contact will give you business. So listing each and every contact is the first and foremost thing in any organization.

“CRM software not only captures this customer data with full KYC automatically but organizes and categorizes them specifically with the customer types like customers, lost customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, aggregators, potential partners, influencers, inactive customers, and much more.”

This segmentation of customer data will eventually help organizations to employ particular retention programs or acknowledgment. (Cool, huh!)

#2. Add CRM solutions to track all customer interactions

“There are no traffic jams when you go an extra mile!”

Yes, it’s just implementing the CRM solution and you will go that extra mile where there is no traffic of other competitors which will lose your customers.

Let me share you a live example:

The wallet giant Paytm was relying on spreadsheets to track and record their customer interactions but it was too cumbersome to channelize and outline trends from them. This was resulting in delay or no acknowledgment of their customers.


After integrating their website with CRM software the customer interactions are directed directly into the central database from everywhere. Each employee has their account and they record or park the type of interaction to the proper department.

The best part:

“Next time any client or customer interacts with them; the company has their entire history and they are treated accordingly. This is what we called- an ideal customer recognition.”

#3. Implement CRM Software to enter into the world of endless- possibilities

Do you know how many prospects have you “not sold to” yet?

A lot. Yes, a lot. For handling this issue, there are two aspects in the CRM solution namely pre and post acknowledgment.

Let me make it easier for you to understand by quoting an example:

The online eyewear giant Lenskart has integrated its main web page to CRM software which automatically fetches the data of visitors whenever they land on its webpage.

This concept is called pre-acknowledgment and once the same is achieved they employ suitable email or voice marketing strategy to convert that lead into the business possibility.

However, in any case, if the lead is not converted into the business deal today then there are full possibilities to get them transformed-  tomorrow or in near future (post acknowledgment).

#4. Makes your customer data valuable and even living

Do you have noticed your customer leaving you forever leaving not a bit of them?

Yeah, we all have experienced that. The spreadsheet was not aligned with the change is the reason behind the same. Look, customers use to change their job and accordingly their contacts like email id or phone number changes.

“CRM software has a unique characteristic of recognizing the change and this gives a feel to the customer that they are not neglected and are as a family to the business.”

Moreover, the hard work that was invested in recording their data doesn’t get fully obsolete.  

Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen the best way to do the customer recognition…

Now it’s time to implement CRM software in your business and share your feedback.

The first step?

Check out SwiftLogic.In to get the customized CRM solution for your business and don’t forget to subscribe & share this blog.


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