“It’s a whole new world every time you start.”

Yeah, this awesome experience can only be possible in the virtual world- video games.  Though there have been a lot of bad stuff written or said about Nintendo’s and Xbox’s that how in different ways they are destroying the human brains.

But is it that bad?

We’ll figure that out soon. But before moving to that let’s first see some interesting trends and stats related to video gaming:

Who’s top behind whom?

The above-mentioned map can easily reveal the position of countries generating higher revenues through gaming industry in the year 2016; China surprisingly has surpassed States by almost a billion dollar. (Ooh!)

Who is playing and what?

The average age of gamers: 35 (which is quite a younger age group)

The average age of game buyer’s: 38 (again a younger age group)

The average number of years since they are playing: 13 (more than a decade)

Social games are the most preferred games: 48%

Devices like the Smartphone (36%) are a bit behind the PC (56%) and dedicated game console (53%) but sooner they will be the on the top notch.

The Fun Fact:  iOS App store brings in almost 75% more revenue than Google Play store despite a big difference in its download restrictions.

There are more surprising trends in the video games industry which we will be seeing in coming blogs. Now it’s time to see some gobsmacking ways in which video games are bettering Homo sapiens life:

#1. Add video games to your life to become a better surgeon

What in this world?

We all are stereotypical in our thought that better surgeon is who have medical research papers in their hand- all the time. But after this study you have to reconsider your notion:

A study of Laparoscopic (small incision) specialist found that those who spent more than 3 hours in gaming world made 32% lesser errors during practice procedures as compared to their non-gaming counterparts. (Not bad huh!)

#2. Electronic game therapy to overcome Dyslexia

“It’s good to hand over mobile devices for gaming to kids”

I am not kidding; some research has signaled the improved ability on reading comprehensions, spelling, and writing post video gaming sessions which have high action octane.

The logic that has been explained by experts in these games have constantly changing environments that require intense focus. (Wow!)

#3. Improve your vision through video games

Myth: Sitting too close to the television is bad for your eyes

This is the claim of most of our elders with actually- no scientific reasoning.  However, scientists have an opposite opinion about this; they are revealing that games in equanimity are rather improving the vision.

Live experiment:

In one special experiment performed on participants having better ability to discern between different shades of green and vice versa for 10 weeks.  And surprisingly it ended with the significant or sometimes normalized improvement in affected eyes. (Amazing!)

#4. Play video games to get a career hike

Not getting a way to boost your career goals?

Try video games. You heard it right; make them in your routine especially the genres that encourage leadership traits, providing for “communities”, assuring their safety, etc.

Researchers have noted that the gamers can display a similar motivation in their real-world career objectives. Improvising in virtual games can also translate beings into faster ones in real world contingencies as well.

#5. Video game apps make even history fascinating

“History is not my cup of tea!”

Yeah, most of us agree that history was the most boring subject in our semesters. But now video games are turning the table around with their ever-changing innovations.

Many new gaming apps are using actual historical events as their backdrop to drive the stories sparking the mind of your kid to show interest in discovering more about different cultures.

After all, nobody can develop without knowing their history!

#6. Add video games to your routine to slow ageing process

“Everybody wants to become eternal”

Well, it’s not possible in this world but we can definitely slow down the aging process. Special genres of games (mainly in mobile apps) based upon “brainstorming” involving problem-solving, memory, and puzzle elements have shown to have a positive benefit on older players.

Not only this…

…In one study, it has been found that a mere 10 hours of adventure may lead to increased cognitive functioning for participants of age 50 or above- an increment that lasted for years.

#7. Ease your pain with video game

“Distraction is sometimes therapeutic!”

It’s a common tendency to try to distract ourselves from pain by engaging ourselves in something else or focusing on other body systems. However, this is not the only reason video games are a good post-injury drug.

Studies show that playing can actually secrets an analgesic (pain-killing) response in our higher cortical systems. The more alluring, the better which is why virtual reality gaming may one day become as prevalent in our hospitals as the sanitise.

Now it’s your turn

At present, mobile gaming apps are available on different platforms across the globe with various new solution providers still venturing into it. But all service providers are not there to mint money and some are actually trying helping their clients to make their life filled with fun and adventure.

SwiftLogic is one such organization that aligns itself with the client focused mantra. The only difference being, their stance is more on the lines of client-centric from within and towards a brighter future.  

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