Smart Clothes – A Smart Move or Another reason to be Scared?


In this world where everything is sell-able, internet continues to play a major role in impacting our everyday habits and activities such as buying or selling.


Moreover, all the marketing gimmicks, knowing or unknowingly furthermore affect this decision. But imagine a world where commodity or clothes choose you rather than you choosing them.

The world is moving fast and so is the technology. Scientists have gone a step ahead and invented “Smart Clothes”; a new range of technology advanced apparel which have their own heart and soul (database) in terms of technology. Wondering how?


For instance, if you have an entire shelf filled with clothes that you haven’t use for long or  a suit tucked away beneath rags which you do’t know about, will no longer sit ignored and instead would send tweets and sms to you reminding you of them.

These smart clothes have embedded-washable contactless technology, known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)


Further on the basis of weather and frequency in which they have been used, they shall tweet you, suggestions to wear them.


The move is seen to remove “Ownership” and become “Users” of clothes. But what if we ignore the call and choose to cling on to an old t-shirt we wore on our first ever date?

This may sound sound really interesting and useful but it gives birth to a serious question; ‘What happens when we arm a machine with brain, senses and the power to predict outcomes. Are we still controlling it?’


Though IOT is a pretty cool thing in this e-commerce world but every time we need the optimisation. And here Swiftlogic becomes handy; optimising your business in such a way that your consumers can easily fetch you without compromising their needs.


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