“Jo dikhta hai so bikta hai!”

It’s a popular Hindi one-liner which when translated in English means: “Those who reflect, only sells.”

By saying this statement, I’m not emphasizing that product quality should not be given the priority but pointing to the fact that it’s outer layout or presentation equally needs to be worked on.

And when it comes on to the design of your web or app, its importance just get many folded.

“Long are those days when people used to work on almost static web pages; its 21st century and people have got opposite spectrum, they deserve the best experience while surfing your sites.”

Coming quickly on to our topic of the day; UI vs UX i.e. User interface and User experience design and yup, it’s a confusing topic.

And you know what makes it confusing?

It is because some say that both are different and other defines them as a similar thing. And in this blog, we promise you to deluge the mystery of these two phenomena.

Starting with the UI:

In a layman word, these types of designs are, look and feel of the web or app pages which includes aspects like the typography, button size, text size, drop shadow shout be dark tinted or light. In a nutshell, UI design decides the aesthetics throughout the web or app pages.

Now, let’s have a small overview of UX:

As the name suggests, user experience design apart from UI, includes more stuff like research, wireframing, prototyping, storyboarding, user testing, monitoring how users use the system, creating flowcharts, outlines etc.

A daily life example:

Let’s take YouTube video page for example; being one of the largest surfed web and app both, constantly need to improve the user experience over weekly or monthly basis.


If you remember a couple of years back, YouTube uses to have a comment section like if I post a video then users can comment on the same and there may be other replies stacked over one another.

Let’s say, Yusuf was the first one to reply over my video among 100 others and I want to comment on his reply and like so obvious my feedback would reflect at the bottom of all replies.

Doesn’t make a sense, right?

Right, this kind of annoying situations are observed under UX design where designers suggest improving the structure of comment system and the user can directly reply underneath the particular comment, he wants.

To add into this, UX design can also control the functions of showing whole comments or few as per the user’s wish.
Some stereotype thinking about both designs:

#1. Both are same:

Are they?

Well, though both of the concepts were living in practice for decades and in theory for centuries still, there is a great confusion or misinterpretation about their roles and meanings.

They both are closely and equally important for a successful product but their roles are quite different like UX is down towards the research and technical side whereas UI is on more upon to basic things like graphic design.

Still confusing? Relax; you are not the only one

Let’s suppose your product to be a sports car where the mainframe is the code which gives it the structure, parts like seats and engines represent the UX design; measuring and optimizing against inputs for smooth working.

And UI design is the makeup of the body- its outlook, its polish, and reactions. More or less, a great product initiate with great UX followed by accurate UI.


#2. Who comes first- UI or UX?


This point is also a matter of ambiguity and there are different stereotypes like whether UX comes from UI or vice versa.

Common sense gives the answer to the same- UX, as it is the related to the research and idealization of the product thus, making it the first step of the design.

UX designers are responsible for major investigations related to validating or invalidating initial product ideas and escort the development of the product.

Once the same is done, UI designers come into the action and work on visual designs and real interfaces.

Another typecast in this process is- it’s always this linear. However, this is not the case all the time and depends on many other factors like:

  • Who handles the UX and UI as at times; some of the designers have expertise in both the sciences.
  • Is it the same guy or other person or team?


#3.Roles of these designs is same or different?


Most of us understand that both of the designs, more or less, have same roles- to enhance the user experience so that he/she keeps coming back for the product.

Well, specifically speaking, the functionality and overall impact of both the designs are varied:

UI is primarily focused on the tangible product, a chain of snapshots in time to build the actual interface for the user to interact.

On the other hand, UX is a bigger mechanism, whose responsibility is to look after the overall journey or experience of the user by constantly innovating the design.

If we visualise the whole product like a red paint then the red color is the UI and chemicals combined with the solution to keep it red are UX.

Now it’s your turn:

You have just seen the actual concepts and myths regarding UI and UX designs…

Now it’s time to share this information with your buddies who are aspiring to take it as a career.

The first step?

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