Modern technologies are evolving and changing.

Consequently, the small and medium businesses are trying everything to keep up with the change.

Either they are changing their whole business model to online…

…Or they are pumping their whole energy with digital marketing strategies-to woo the online leads.

Yes, there are a hell lot reasons to go online.

In the series of digital marketing, we are going to present some amazing reasons which will blow your mind and tempt you to imbibe online marketing tools & strategies in your profession.

Here are 7 justifications why digital marketing can help you grow your craft:

#1. Add digital marketing strategies to level up with Big Cap Companies

digital marketing strategies

“Gone are those time where companies like Ray ban and Titan enjoys the whole market and channels!”

With the advent of digital marketing, several mid and small cap companies are getting their share of traffic along with the giant players; Lenskart started as a mid cap business but after inculcating fine digital marketing has now become a brand in itself. (Wow!)

#2. Use Digital marketing to reduce cost and increase effectiveness

“Money matters in marketing!”

Yeah, a lot of money is invested in the marketing of the business as your company needs exposure to the customers. Traditional marketing tools require a good budget and not every company has that much of capitalisation.

Online Marketing

Let me give you some stats for proving this point…

…40% of the businesses claimed that digital marketing methods of promotions of goods & services have saved their bucks. 28% of the companies are allocating their resources to digital marketing tools & techniques than traditional marketing media. (Amazing huh!)

#3. Convert your traffic into conduct by digital marketing

“Conversion of customers into leads is the real success!”

Though traditional media can attract a large chunk of audiences but as far as conversation rate is concerned they don’t have any guarantee for them.

Quite opposite of that:


Online businesses have the unique and easy way of converting audiences into leads by enabling them options of subscribing, putting into wish lists and much more instantly.

The bottom line:

The success can be calculated by the percentage rate of incoming traffic converting into leads, subscribers, and sales. That’s why business owners align their digital marketing campaigns towards conversion optimization.

Note: Conversion, optimisation, content marketing, social media & brand are the top priorities of digital marketers.

#4. Imbibe digital marketing into your business for more revenues

revenue-from-digital marketing

From the previous point, we can easily come on to the conclusion that:

Better conversion gives higher sales and eventually higher revenues. Moreover, digital marketing techniques have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy than other science.

Not only this…

…Small and medium firms using digital marketing strategies have 3.3 times better opportunities of expanding their workforce and business. (Cool huh!)

#5. Digital marketing adds value & credibility to your business

“Gift vouchers and discount advertisements not always work!”

Yup, you heard it right, promotions pitching cash back and discounts can’t be successful in future and might become a negative marketing for your business.

So what is long term solution?

Of course, educating customers and informing them the latest trends in the world enabling them to make the smarter choice and eventually make them your reliable consumers.

Content marketing, blogging, vlogging, and YouTube marketing are some of the cool tools for making customers aware of the trends than just pitching sales by petty discounts.

#6. Enhance customer engagement with Digital marketing

“Interaction with targeted audiences gives you the idea about- what they want?”

And who other than digital tools can provide you the –two-way communication. Yes, digital marketing tools like social media page or You tube Chanel of the company provides the proper engagement points to their audiences to give their choices or feedback.

Which in turn will help you to polish your products and services as per the demands of the customer- the king in the business?

#7. Digital marketing caters to the micro consumers- Mobile customer

“63% of the customers are transacting goods and services through mobile devices!”

Yes, that is a big population. For any kind of businesses; mid, small or blue chip, it is a must tapping territory and it’s worthwhile to state that digital marketing is one of the few options to cater those people.


SMS marketing, email marketing, and Google ads are some of the few techniques of digital marketing which will make your business reach out to that population. E-commerce businesses highly rely on digital optimisation for their apps.

Now it’s your turn

Today, there are several agencies who are helping their clients in optimising digital part of their business for a greater reach. They are also educating companies on how to make their consumers educated about latest trends or what is a better deal or what actually they want.

Swiftlogic also is best among its contemporaries which provide customised digitisation solutions to their clients and makes them feel like they are among the leagues of blue chip companies.

It’s customer-centric approach and best practices in online marketing make it a one stop consultancy in- Digital arena.

So don’t wait for any change and be the change by visiting for the best solutions in- Digital marketing.



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very nice way to enlarge business

    Abhishek Kumar· August 6, 2017 at 12:33 PM

    Thanks for the Review, Keep Sharing …

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