“Big Boss is watching everybody!”

You reading this article online is in itself a testimony of internet’s impact on our daily habits such as reading, researching or communicating. Internet and it’s limitless possibilities is what drives and defines the 21st century.

For instance, some people have made a fortune with internet based ideas such as social platforms where people interact on real time basis, share tonnes of information, use net-banking to make transaction, both big and small.

But amidst all of the good things about the internet, we forget to look closely at the darker corners which sometimes leave us vulnerable to the cyber threats neglecting that- big boss is keeping an eye on us.

One of the most vulnerable section of the society is the generation y & z!. They are always targeted by secret online eyes to exploit not only financially but emotionally as well. Let’s see what statistics has to say about the same

“More that 20% of kids are prone to bullying online in one or other ways.”

Seeing this plight, we have decided to dedicate a blog on the same in which we will try to discuss the type of vulnerabilities and best practices to avoid them proactively.

“Smart resolutions come with greater understanding of problems!”

Let’s look at some of the major forms of cyber concerns  :

#1. Cyber Theft:

Yup, the term is as dangerous as it sounds. Computer Viruses, Phishing Attacks and Spam Emails are some of the forms in which cyber crimes take shape. Young kids and teens are the easiest prey for these new-age criminals as the dangerous eye is always watching their online activities.

This is not all…

As youth is the  largest segment of the society which is hooked to the internet,  unaware of the wolves that wait; fall prey to cyber traps. Moreover, adults, with limited knowledge, too are soft targets and are more often than not the victims of cyber thefts.

#2. Cyber-bullying

“Not limited to your school anymore!”

The term bullying has find its way from schools and colleges to the world of Internet and as a result of the same; more  and more kids are falling prey to digital harassment, flaming, exclusion via social networks, instant messengers, offers, spam mails so on and so forth.

#2. Online Reputation:

“It takes years to build a reputation and less than a millisecond to  shatter the same!”

New phenomenon like sexting  (sending sensual content through texts , images, videos), morphing, trolls, and private stuff being leaked online are some of the prominent threat that can result in a shattered self demeanour or low self confidence.

In some cases, it has claimed the lives of the victim and left the entire family in pieces.

To counter the problem of cyber crimes there is something we call ‘cyber safety’. The necessity of educating our kids and the society about cyber crimes and the precautions that they can take, is all the more important today.

Now, as we have well understood the problems and their main types, let’s have a look on the concept of cyber safety and preliminary steps to avoid secret eye.

What is Cyber-Safety:

With great powers come come great responsibilities!” – Spiderman?

Cyber-Safety as the term suggests, is meant to safeguard and protect the user in the best possible way from the cyber threats. Listed out are some of the benefits, safe practices to minimise the danger and ways by which these threats can be detected.  



  • Cyber safety helps educate parents about ways to make their kids aware of the web threats like account hacking and viruses.
  • It helps in dealing with the issues like child pornography and other explicit trends prevalent on the web.
  • Provides training to proactively recognize fake mails that offer lucrative offers and schemes that are designed to steal your confidential details like passwords, contact details and primarily your bank account details and authority.
  • Introduces you to the know-hows of privacy settings which acts as a safeguard against unwanted activities such as your personal pictures going viral for anyone to misuse or accessing websites that are possible threats.
  • Can act as a measure to keep minors from accessing erotic stuffs or unethical  content.
  • Helps parents be aware of the parental control setting for phones, gaming devices, tablets, and all computers.
  • Preparing parents to talk with their kids about how to use technology ethically on regular basis,  setting up the rules and limits for healthy practices.



At present, there are several organizations who are helping their clients in implementing Cyber-Safety for a healthy social environment. They are also educating elders on how to make their kids identify these activities when no elders are around to keep a watch.

Swiftlogic also is best among its league which provides customized web security to their clients and make them feel like they are safe and sound with the secret eyes. It’s customer-eccentric approach and best practices in cyber security makes it a one stop consultancy in- Cyber Intelligence.

So don’t wait for any cyber threat and visit https://www.swiftlogic.in/#contact for the best solutions in- Digital Security.

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