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Is WordPress insecure? And if so, why?

Again and again, there are attacks on WordPress websites – and they are often successful. Is WordPress unsure? And if so, why? And if not, why are the attacks successful? And what do the attackers want? an example. August 2017: Ransomware attacks In August 2017, Wordfence developers reported attacks by ransomware called “EV ransomware” on WordPress sites. Ransomware is Read more…


Divulging the Mystery of UI And UX Design

“Jo dikhta hai so bikta hai!” It’s a popular Hindi one-liner which when translated in English means: “Those who reflect, only sells.” By saying this statement, I’m not emphasizing that product quality should not be given the priority but pointing to the fact that it’s outer layout or presentation equally Read more…

By Zaheer Sabir, ago